Connecting Networks

Welcome to the LyonIX IXP

LyonIX is the Internet traffic eXchange Point of Lyon operated by Rezopole, a non-profit organization.

LyonIX members can improve the quality of their Internet traffic and can benefit from lower bandwidth prices. Therefore the IXP helps develop very high speed Internet in Lyon.

LyonIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point), a market place which allows members to buy or sell Internet transit and/or any layer 2 or IP services.

The Lyon IXP is open to all economic players who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

LyonIX key figures

94 members

216 ASN

99 BGP sessions

13 racks

3 POPs

231 hosted equipments

126 Ethernet ports

LyonIX news

  • Rezopole 2012 Activity report is available online

    Rezopole 2012 Activity report is available online

    The Rezopole 2014 activity report is online. You will find in this document a complete retrospective of 2014 activities and events. The report is available for download in PDF format from this link.



  • WideVOIP - WhichWAN: New member interconnected to LyonIX

    WideVOIP - WhichWAN: New member interconnected to LyonIX

    WideVOIP - WhichWAN, a telecommunications operator, is now interconnected to the LyonIX IXP. "Using regional Internet Exchange Points such as LyonIX allows us to improve the quality and the resilience of our services (VoIP, Data, Hosting ) and gives us access to new markets like the FTTX. " tells us Thierry Wehr, founder of WideVOIP - WhichWAN.


  • The DC Map in France

    The DC Map in France

    Rezopole publie sa première carte des DataCenters en France (Décembre 2014). Les DataCenters (centre de traitement de données en français) sont des sites physiques sur lequel sont localisés tous les outils nécessaires à la gestion d'un système d'information (SI) d'entreprise ou d'organisation : serveurs, bases de données, logiciels, sécurité, backup, données, outils télécom etc.

LyonIX members