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Welcome to the LyonIX IXP

LyonIX is the Internet traffic eXchange Point of Lyon operated by Rezopole, a non-profit organization.

LyonIX members can improve the quality of their Internet traffic and can benefit from lower bandwidth prices. Therefore the IXP helps develop very high speed Internet in Lyon.

LyonIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point), a market place which allows members to buy or sell Internet transit and/or any layer 2 or IP services.

The Lyon IXP is open to all economic players who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

LyonIX key figures

98 members

592 ASN

106 BGP sessions

22 racks

5 POPs

249 hosted equipments

185 Ethernet ports

LyonIX news

  • A business model for 5G

    A business model for 5G

    Led by Cisco, the "5G rural first" project is being carried out in the United Kingdom. This consortium of 29 stakeholders aims to find a business model to deploy 5G in rural areas. The principle is to multiply the pilots and experiments in order to minimize the cost of its development.



    Created in 2017, BECOMTECH deploys a new program of initiation to technical IT jobs reserved for girls. This association is looking for communication & multimedia and IT animators for its summer program, JUMP IN TECH, in Ile-de-France and Lyon.

  • Register for IXPloration #22!

    Register for IXPloration #22!

    On June 12th in Lyon, Rezopole invites you to participate in a morning event dedicated to improving Internet exchanges between users in a region thanks to LyonIX's infrastructures. An ideal presentation for any company and community that wants to optimize its network performance.

  • 5G auctions: Government kick-off

    5G auctions: Government kick-off

    The auction framework has just been formalised by the Government and will enable the frequency allocation process to be launched. This framework letter defines in particular the constraints that will weigh on the winning operators both financially and in terms of coverage obligations.

  • Iliad drops his pylons

    Iliad drops his pylons

    Free's parent company is divesting its passive mobile telecommunications infrastructure in France and Italy. All of the Italian pylons and more than 70% of the French were sold to Cellnex, the Spanish operator, for $2 billion.  This represents nearly 10,000 sites in both countries.

  • New: next BGP Workshop in Paris!

    New: next BGP Workshop in Paris!

    Attend this training course organized by Rezopole's technical experts on June 11 & 12. Come and discover the basics of BGP routing, the Internet's founding protocol. During this workshop, you will learn, among other things, peering and the use of Route Server. Registrations before June 7.

LyonIX members

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