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Welcome to the LyonIX IXP

LyonIX is the Internet traffic eXchange Point of Lyon operated by Rezopole, a non-profit organization.

LyonIX members can improve the quality of their Internet traffic and can benefit from lower bandwidth prices. Therefore the IXP helps develop very high speed Internet in Lyon.

LyonIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point), a market place which allows members to buy or sell Internet transit and/or any layer 2 or IP services.

The Lyon IXP is open to all economic players who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

LyonIX key figures

98 members

597 ASN

106 BGP sessions

22 racks

5 POPs

251 hosted equipments

178 Ethernet ports

LyonIX news

  • Save the date: Aperezo 55 on 6/02

    Save the date: Aperezo 55 on 6/02

    Rezopole will be meeting you in a few weeks for the first Aperezo of the year. Come and discover the news of the sponsor of this evening, Hopus, and share a friendly and warm moment between IT and Telecom players in the region. More information on this event very soon...

  • New year, new model!

    New year, new model!

    Rezologue, the catalogue of services and training offered and led by our experts, has been revamped! Rezopole offers you a complete range of solutions to optimize your network performance, improve your technical teams or develop your infrastructures. Discover this 2019 edition now.

  • The FDN Federation unveils the FTTH barometer

    The FDN Federation unveils the FTTH barometer

    It took a year and a half of volunteer work to publish this study on the conditions of access to RIPs in France. This tool allows associative ISPs of the FFDN and other operators of similar size to more easily visualize the possibility of operating on a network through a rating system.

  • In Lyon, the battle for data centers has begun

    In Lyon, the battle for data centers has begun

    These highly secure infrastructures have multiplied over the years. Indeed, 10 years ago, the Lyon metropolitan area had only 1 data centre compared to 14 today. Behind all this computer equipment, the players in this flourishing market are engaged in a fierce financial battle.

  • "Damage to Networks"

    Interviewed by Pierre Col, the team of independent developers behind the "Damage to Networks" initiative explains why and how this solution came about. The objective of this project is to enable everyone to report damaged network infrastructure on public roads.

  • In 2019 Rezopole disrupts access to the HSBB!

    In 2019 Rezopole disrupts access to the HSBB!

    LyonIX and GrenoblIX are adopting a single rate on IXP and NAP ports up to 10 Gbps! From January 1st, the rate for the first port is 2 400 € / year and the following ports are discounted at 50%, whether for peering or to access the Telecom Services Marketplace. All the details here.

LyonIX members

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