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Welcome to the LyonIX IXP

LyonIX is the Internet traffic eXchange Point of Lyon operated by Rezopole, a non-profit organization.

LyonIX members can improve the quality of their Internet traffic and can benefit from lower bandwidth prices. Therefore the IXP helps develop very high speed Internet in Lyon.

LyonIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point), a market place which allows members to buy or sell Internet transit and/or any layer 2 or IP services.

The Lyon IXP is open to all economic players who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

LyonIX key figures

97 members

542 ASN

111 BGP sessions

21 racks

5 POPs

267 hosted equipments

180 Ethernet ports

LyonIX news

  • BGP Workshop in Lyon on October 3rd & 4th

    BGP Workshop in Lyon on October 3rd & 4th

    Register now for the BGP Workshop that will be held at the Rezopole premises in Lyon! Learn the basics and master one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet for an efficient peering.

    Register here...

  • New LyonIX member: AVM Up!

    New LyonIX member: AVM Up!

    At the same time a telecom operator, Internet service provider and operator of hosted services, AVM Up chose Cloud to resolve the problems that affect professional telephony, e-mail, SMS, fax but also the processing of the multi-channel flow of incoming documents...

  • LONAP and LyonIX are interconnected!

    LONAP and LyonIX are interconnected!

    With London Access Point (LONAP), England comes to join the peering inter-IXP to LyonIX. All the members of this English Internet exchange point can peer with those of LyonIX through announcements made by the route-servers of two IXPs.

  • CPRO: new LyonIX member!

    CPRO: new LyonIX member!

    Since more than 25 years, C'PRO has been proposing solutions to companies centered around 3 sectors: printing and dematerialisation solutions, information technology and hosting, operator and telephony. Indeed, data are at the heart of the organisation. Intended to produce, sell or manage, they are essential for it to function correctly...

  • RUG 16 is sold out!

    RUG 16 is sold out!

    Thanks to all those who have joined the RUG which takes place on September, 29th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM at the Rezopole premises. The topics to be dealt: the 100Gb infrastructure implementation & the benefits of the inter-IXP routing.

  • The Aperezo is 44 sold-out in 5 days!

    The Aperezo is 44 sold-out in 5 days!

    This huge success forces us to close the registration today.

    Thank you for your understanding, and see you soon for our next event! Keep in touch!

LyonIX members

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